Submission and Advertising Information

If you would like to publicize results from teams that are made up of players from Tri-Eastern Conference schools, submissions for Press Room Pass are always welcome.

The only requirement is that the information be complete, timely and feature student-athletes from TEC schools.

Please include all athletes from the TEC in submissions. It would not be fair or accurate to report a second-place finish in an event without acknowledging a first place person or team from another TEC school.

Please use the email address for all submissions.

Advertising Support

One of the most important goals of Press Room Pass is that it remain a free site for players, coaches and fans of the TEC.

With that in mind, in order to keep publishing stories about the TEC, financial support is needed through advertising.

Anyone interested in having their business featured on the site with a link to their web site can use for information.

There is also a link for contributions through PayPal for anyone wishing to help.